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October 21 2012


Comm 315

Comm315 - Myplace: The Place for Diversity in Multimedia Analysis
Diversity refers to the inclusion of different backgrounds, religions, lifestyles, sexual preferences, ages, genders, races, cultures, or beliefs, usually pertaining to a group of people.
Comm 315 - The dimensions of diversity that are usually apparent immediately are gender, age, and often race. There are many immediate factors that might give away what age a person is like elasticity of skin and wrinkles, the clothing he or she is wearing, height, what activities a person is engaging in, energy level, and speed. For instance, if he or she sees a person that is three feet tall and weighs roughly 40 pounds running in an elementary schoolyard, it would be fairly safe to assume that that person is under the age of ten. Or if a person is walking slowly with a cane, most people would jump to the conclusion that that person is elderly.
Eco370 - Clothing may clue one into a person’s gender, class, age group, or even sexual preference in some cases, but it is a less trustworthy method of reading a person because there are so many exceptions to the norm. If a man is wearing a dress and high heels, one would likely assume that the man was gay. Dirty and damaged clothing might give the impression that a person is poor. If a woman in the distance is wearing a miniskirt and a halter top, one would probably think that she was a teenager or woman in her twenties. But these are all just stereotypes.
Eco 370 - Even less obvious dimensions of diversity are religion and sexual preference. However, there are instances where a person chooses to wear garb that might make it obvious at a glance to someone what religion that person is.

Comm 315
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